Treadsafe offer a diverse selection of commercial entrance mats and matting for medium to heavy traffic areas. All of the mats we supply can be shipped from our Dublin warehouse for fast delivery throughout Ireland. There are many entrance mats from which to choose made from a variety of materials which all provide different performance characteristics and aesthetic results

Depending on your geographic requirements and seasonality, you may require a combination of outdoor scraper mat and indoor drier mat(s) to provide the best protection against dirt and water entering the building.

Whether you are looking for outdoor entrance mats, light traffic, medium traffic or heavier footfall matting - Treadsafe is your first choice.


Light Traffic

Light Traffic Entrance Mats are perfect for places that experience light traffic or footfall of less than 100 people a day like at residential building lobbies, dental offices, health clinics etc

Medium or Moderate Traffic

These entrance Mats include both moderate to heavy traffic mats and moderate traffic mats.

Moderate to Heavy Traffic Mats are great for restaurants, hotels, cinemas, museums, exhibition venues and are great for traffic up to 5000 per day. While moderate traffic mats entail from 250 to 3000 visitor per day and are ideal for stores, office buildings, churches, clinics etc.

Heavy Traffic

Heavy Traffic Entrance Mats are generally suited for entrances that experience heavy traffic of more than 5,000 people a day such as airports, universities, hospitals, department stores, shopping malls, train stations, etc.

We supply to any size or specification and most mats may be personalised.



Should you require assistance in choosing the perfect entrance mat for your facility, please call us on 01 834 0683 or email us sales@treadsafe.ie